Hello! Welcome to my portfolio. I’m a developer with an emphasis in game technology. Here you’ll find relevant info about my work, as well as my hobbies and interests.

Javier Dieguez's CV

Curriculum Vitae

I started coding and developing games when I was 15 using Game Maker, and I now have keen interest in game physics, motion capture and simulation.


I am currently working at Climax Studios, where I take part on several small teams creating game features for external clients.
I tend to be hacking at some coding project to widen my knowledge. For about a year and a half now I mainly support a 2D physics solver which I use to experiment and learn. It has the gimmick of allowing you to change between decimal methods (float - fixed point), with the help of Anthony Arian’s fixed point library.
I’ve also made some homebrew games for Wii / Gba using devKitPro ‘s toolchain, and written some devlogs on them.

Outside coding, dance has been my biggest hobby for a long time, and it guides my interest in motion capture technologies and analyzing realistic human motion.
I like playing the drums and other percussion instruments, when the former is unwise for my neighbours.
I love gaming and understanding the fun in experimental and indie games, like ABZU, Return of the Obra Dinn, The Witness.. and have recently started gaming on Oculus Quest 2.
At last I’m an avid The Walking Dead follower.

That should be most of it! Find my contact / social links below, and feel free to have a look at my posts.